Sunrise Diner in Jim Thorpe

sunrise diner 36
Here's the Sunrise Diner sitting on its original location in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania in 2008 shortly before Diversified Diners acquired it.
sunrise diner 46
The classic diner in its original setting.
sunrise diner 40
The Sunrise Diner with its side entry no longer in use.
sunrise diner 53
The diner would have come from the factory with Flex-glass, but over the years, owners would elect to remove and paint the space rather than replace with original.
sunrise diner 30
The diner's back bar and ceiling shows the half-century of wear, tear, and nicotine accumulation.
sunrise diner 28
Previous ownership obviously appreciated the diner's original design, but marginal operation didn't allow for enough basic maintenance.
sunrise diner 26
Thankfully, we didn't have to uncover the diner's original beauty underneath several bad renovations!
sunrise diner 22
The interior, though mostly original, had seen its better days. Evidence of a leaking roof can be seen on the terrazzo floor.