Din­ers for Sale

Short Stop Diner

The Short Stop Diner is orig­i­nally from Belleville, New Jer­sey. Just after World War II, sev­eral diner com­pa­nies offered a “dinette” style to appeal to return­ing G.I.‘s as a low-​cost, easy-​entry into the diner busi­ness as an alter­na­tive to their much larger 60-​plus-​seat din­ers. Many of these units were bought as out­lets for regional chains of White-​Tower-​like burger restau­rants, sport­ing names like White Crys­tal, Red Tower, White Manna, and oth­ers. At the time Diver­si­fied Din­ers pur­chased this Short Stop, another still oper­ated not far away. Sadly, that unit became a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

We think this unit is per­fect for the same rea­sons that Para­mount Din­ers designed and built it in the first place: As a low-​overhead, easy-​to-​install, maximum-​efficiency, short order restau­rant spe­cial­iz­ing in burg­ers, hot dogs, and soft drinks. Done right, the oper­a­tor can have a hit in the real sweet spot of diner operation.

This unique 1949 Para­mount Dinette is as attrac­tive as it is rare. Designed with lim­ited seat­ing within the 12 foot by 27 foot frame it has great style and design. It was removed from it’s orig­i­nal site in Belleville NJ and awaits a qual­i­fied owner.

Conowingo Diner

This 1946 Silk City Diner, orig­i­nally from Conowingo, Mary­land, (ser­ial num­ber 4657 ) mea­sures approx­i­mately 15 foot wide by 40 foot long. It was designed to seat 32 along the front win­dows at 8 tables and another 16 along the counter. Two of the counter stools were removed and the counter was modified.

betsy-mikes600Prop­erly restored, the Conowingo can look just like this!We are ren­o­vat­ing this diner as the many other Silk City Din­ers we have done (seen pho­tos). A roof tear down was done to the orig­i­nal base with inspec­tion and replace­ment of the wood sub­strate and instal­la­tion of a new 20 year roof mem­brane. The curved lower roof gal­va­nized pan­els were sanded to bare metal and coated with a sil­ver roof coat­ing. The frame was inspected and sanded to metal before a new coat of primer and top coat were applied. All new insu­lated win­dows were installed to increase the ther­mal effi­ciency of the diner.

This diner cur­rently awaits a buy­ers input as to floor plan, color schemes etc.

Some seat­ing lay­out changes could be made to allow for addi­tional seat­ing (up to 52 seats). Of course, we could also sup­ply exact mate­ri­als to expand the diner into an annex for much greater seat­ing if desired.

Venus Diner, 1955 Fodero

Venus DinerThis his­toric Diner has the clas­sic lines of the late 1950’s, incor­po­rat­ing fluted mul­lions with a built in awning and recessed lights. This beau­ti­ful 55 foot long Diner seats a very gen­er­ous 78 includ­ing a few booths for two as well as some more spa­cious cor­ner booths which could accom­mo­date 6 or more. It was in oper­a­tion until early 2007 and was a well known and pop­u­lar land­mark diner in Gib­so­nia, Pa. It was known as the Venus Diner since it’s incep­tion in 1958. We have been review­ing the restora­tion needs of this diner and while appear­ing very pre­sentable it will need, as seems almost always the case, a fairly exten­sive restora­tion. It sits on blocks at our facil­ity and we hope to get started on the restora­tion in the sum­mer of 2008.

Smyrna Diner

The Smyrna Diner is for sale. Great, space-​age Para­mount diner.